I give the following undertaking as owner and captain of the ship; At KabelJoe's we are serious about the food, service and the experience we provide you. All our staff are selected to be able to prepare and present food with love in a clean , consistent and sustainable manner. Our processes and output are assessed honestly and critically daily by me and my core members. Employees and suppliers are either rewarded or reprimanded on these quality assessments. Feedback from our customers is one of our mission critical negative or positive feedback cycles of the business. By far the majority of our customers would verbally praise either the food, service and/ or experience daily but not revert to recording the service where it would benefit most. It is extremely demoralizing to have a perfect day where all customers are happy and compliment us across the board and find a bad comment on TripAdvisor about something that none of us have been made aware of. Verbal compliments keep us going from day to day, but Please help us and improve and grow our business accurately by making use of Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google+ to give us feedback. Obviously the direct verbal thank you's are what we thrive on.

About Us
KabelJoe's is situated in one of the most spectacular settings in the world, amongst mountains and sea, located on Clarence drive. Clarence Drive is regarded as the most scenic drive in the world.

The name "KabelJoe's" is a mix of the local fish called "Kob" or "Kabeljou" in Afrikaans and "Joe", the owner and father to Adriaan and Hardus who manages the restaurant for him.
We fell in love with the destination located in what is regarded as the world's greatest biosphere.
Our passion for consistent, fresh and tasty food and the need to share it with you was what made this possible.

35 Harbour Road, Kleinmond 7195 - Po Box 577, Kleinmond, 7195 - KabelJoe's Seafood Restaurant Pty Ltd. 2014/168255/07 

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